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Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life. He does not come into judgment, but has passed from death to life.

John 5:24

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Our Intention

is to heal the world by the word of God.

We Distribute Christian Literature

to bring fruit for the kingdom of God

We Support The Needy

with a helping hand and by conducting self-help projects

Projects that we support

Alive Mission supports different projects to spread the word of God and to help people in need.

Goats Lending Project

Due to a Swiss company we were able to conduct a first pilot goats lending project with the SFC Nduumo, Kenya. Church members have got 10 goats and have to repay the invested amount during a period of 2 years. They also plan to extend the system to other related...

Food Programme at CMC

Last weekend we managed to hold our first food programme for poor families at the Cross Mission Center in Nairobi. People were grateful to receive and we were joyful to give. This touched one man's heart so that he confessed to be coming to church on Sunday. Food was...

Children Programme In Cross Mission Center

Here you see two videos from the Cross Mission Center in Nairobi, Kenya. This one is Francis Mulinge Muia and pastor Peter Mitau they are praying for the children. They are speaking Swahili and praising the Lord. The second one are the children singing in the...

Video Of Pastor Bejamin Pay’s Jiko Business

He is leading a good business and his vision is to employ more people in his town.

SFC Nduumo

The Springs Fellowship Church in Nduumo in Kenya which is located in a very poor area is also supported by us. We help them with fencing their plot.

Latest News

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Evangelistic Street Work Started

Starting in Mwingi, Kenya, we are trying to establish a street work project to reach out to people in spiritual need. Mwingi, Kenya With Rev. Geoffrey Matiti as leader in place, we were already happy to have reached few people with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Rev....

Cross Mission Centre – back in service

Last weekend CMC opened its doors again to the public, with social distancing. A food programme was conducted. Blessing the food and thanking God.

Food programme during Corona crisis

Due to lockdown many people were not able to go for work, and so they had no chance to achieve any income for their daily needs. That's why we have extended our food programme for members of the Cross Mission Church in Nairobi, Kenya. Also some people from other...

Heavy Rainfalls

leave destruction in one of CMC's branches.

New Ministry Name

We are about to change the name of our ministry project from "Alive Ministries International" to "Alive Mission".

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OnCalvary offers a comprehensive online discipleship training that we really recommend.