He who sows abundantly will reap abundantly. This is what tells us the Bible. We also personally experienced this.

Whenever you make a donation to Alive Ministries International you help building the kingdom of God. People will get better personal situations: A stable fundament in life and heavenly blessings.

We also try to improve the situations of the poor, not just by giving money but by creating durable solutions to improve their lifes.

About 90% of the donations go directly to their destination. Of course we also have to live and can’t do all the administration work unsalariedly. That’s why we deduct a small amount to uphold our office.

At the moment donations to Alive Ministries International are not tax deductible since we haven’t founded a non-profit association yet. They are processed by .

Donation Accounts

Please make your donations to the following accounts:


Bank Account:

Postfinance Switzerland

IBAN CH94 0900 0000 6171 6464 0

Account Holder:

Thomas Sommer

Lindenweg 16a

3110 Muensingen


Tax Deduction

Donations to Alive Ministries International are not tax deductable.