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Alive Mission has established a ministry in Kenya, especially in conjunction with Cross Mission Center in Nairobi and Springs Fellowship Church in Mwingi.

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We conduct regular food distribution programmes at these churches and we also conduct evangelistic events.

In future we plan to have employment programmes, as well.

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Springs Fellowship Church, Mwingi

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This church is „Springs Fellowship Church“ under the leadership of Rev. Geoffrey Matiti, situated at the centre of Mwingi town behind the target supermarket. They have about 100 church members with community based school with 90 children from mixed tribes and not from well up families, even muslim children.

Mwingi is a town in Kitui county of Kenya. With urban population of about 16’000. On Nairobi-Garrissa road 200km from Nairobi. People are Kamba but still with small tribes from other tribes. It is a rapid growing town. Weather: 29-32c.

Springs Fellowship Church was registered 17th April 2012. Psalms 84:6, „As they go through the Valley of Baca they make it a place of springs; the early rain also covers it with pools.“

Statement of Faith: Believing full authority of the Bible as inspired by the Spirit of God, God in trinity, death & resurrection of Jesus Christ, the rapture of the Church, resurrection of believers to eternal life and judgement to the sinners. Observing ordinances: Baptism of immersion, child dedication, and Lord’s supper.

P.O. Box 474-90400 Mwingi Central, Kitui county of Kenya.

Email :geomatiti@hotmail.com

We started by cavering walls by nylon papers & tents, then later we used ironsheets, today we have walls of bricks & ironsheets on top.